Quality Policy
ICS shall strive to have Quality Centered Culture aimed at achieving a Highest Quality in its Quality Operating Procedures, aimed at highest standards of health, Hygiene, Sanitation and Safe work practices. All efforts and resources are made available to ensure same level of commitments to the Policies. The strict implementation of food and work safety manuals is done. We are committed to build a process driven organization. Regular audits shall be carried out to ensure compliance and audit reports are verified and analyzed by senior management.

About Us


  • Indigo Services was formed with an objective of being a quality support to industries, institutions and other agencies in eastern India, by association of leading hospitality professionals, in year 2006. In Year 2008, Indigo Catering & Services Pvt. Ltd was instituted.
  • • Presently, Indigo Catering operates all over the country and has its subsidiaries which specialize in different streams of business. It has its supply wing, Travel agency and skill development division.


  • VISION: - To be distinguished as Quality centered, Professional, Value based hospitality solutions provider across the country.
  • STRATEGY: “Quality Services, By Quality People, For Quality Results" shall be our mantra. We shall optimize development of local resources for optimum utilizations. Safety Shall be our prime focus which includes food safety, Personal Safety, and safety of assets and environment.


  • INTEGRITY: Belief in unity and honoring the commitments.
  • TRUST: Trust of not being opportunist.
  • RESPECT: Respect for all and self.
  • FINANCIAL DECSIPLINE: Stick to projected budgets and estimates.
  • ECOLOGY: Care for environment is our responsibility towards further generations.